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Devon Ukrainian Association CIC is formed to provide support and services to the existing Ukrainian community in Devon, to the newly arrived Ukrainian refugees, to UK families who are sponsoring them and to people residing in Devon who are concerned with the current political situation in Ukraine, interested in Ukrainian history and culture. 

The company is being set up to do the following:


1. Host a welcome hub for refugees and new arrivals from Ukraine to create a culture of welcome and safety for those who are seeking a sanctuary from war.

This includes provisions of:
- advice, welfare and other assistance to relieve suffering and hardship to those in need;
- guidance to new arrivals in taking the first steps (bank, mobile services, NHS, etc);
- signposting to employment opportunities or services to develop employability skills;
- guidance in setting up a business and start up support programmes;
- translation and interpretation services.


2. To create educational and cultural programmes and services to advance:
- education amongst Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers through the provision of language and other supplementary classes, as well as point in the direction of further education (schools, college, universities)
- education of the public in Ukrainian culture and history in particular through educational and cultural events


Image by Yura Khomitskyi
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